Massive changes have occurred recently with regard to artificial intelligence (AI) and the ability of the public to generate novel text and images using AI tools (e.g. ChatGPT). Many in education are concerned with what this means for assessing student understanding: if a student can generate a novel, accurate essay on almost any topic, how will you assess learning from short-answer and essay assignments? In this symposium, you will be presented with the basics of how AI works, play with some AI tools, hear how other faculty are addressing these challenges, discuss concerns and opportunities with colleagues, and think about developing your teaching philosophy in the time of artificial intelligence (AI).

This event was held on the MSU Campus in February 2023 and engaged more than 100 educators from around campus in conversation about this topic. This site provides some information about the event and links to follow-up materials and conversations.

Recordings of the event are available on our Recordings/Resources page.