When Robots Learn to Write, What Happens to Learning?

Can we live, together, with robots who write? In this talk, Bill Hart-Davidson,  Professor and Senior Researcher in the Writing in Digital Environments Research Center and Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Education at Michigan State University will address that last question to those of us who make our living by reading writing, and researching, and teaching others to read, write and research well, ethically, with grace and creativity, with purpose and with keen attention to who we influence and how. This talk will focus on recent accelerations in the drive to automate the writing process—particularly in digital networks and the implications of those changes for teaching and learning. Drawing on examples from his own scholarship in the areas of education, health care, statecraft and warfare, he will suggest some practical and ethical guidelines for the ways we might live and work, together, with robots that write.

Watch the video of Dr. Hart-Davidson’s keynote address When Robots Learn to Write, What Happens to Learning?