Panel Discussion on AI in Education and Academic Writing

Colleagues with different perspectives on AI in moderated discussion around augmenting teachers with AI systems, and the likely uptake of AI tools by students to assist with their work within formal education. What opportunities and tensions might arise with AI-assisted knowledge exploration, writing, and AI-assisted research. What will be our individual and collective learning curves and ethical dilemmas?


  • Johannes Bauer, Director James H. and Mary B. Quello Center, College of Communications Arts and Sciences
  • Andrew Christlieb, MSU Foundation Professor of Mathematics, College of Natural Science
  • Caitlin Cornell, Assistant Director Center for Language Teaching Advancement, College of Arts & Letters
  • Parisa Kordjamshidi, Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, College of Engineering
  • Dennis Kennedy, Director Center for Law, Technology & Innovation, College of Law

Panel moderated by Brendan Guenther

Watch a recording of the Panel Discussion on AI in Education and Academic Writing